10 Leap Year Excuses To Take The Day Off


Hey, Suckers! BBC agrees with your punk rock HR diva (in a sense) and advocates an employer-funded holiday on Leap Day.

…employers may be getting an extra unpaid day out of us. “But then in a sense,” he adds, “they own us already. We give half our waking hours to them, voluntarily, and our time is our lives – we’re literally giving ourselves away.” A thought which makes you want to hold on to any disputed days tighter than ever.

If your company is lame and doesn’t offer a paid holiday, here are some classic excuses you can use to take the day off!

  1. Food poisoning — the pizza you ate, yesterday, was bad. Very bad.
  2. Coming down with a cold — speak in a raspy voice and keep the phone away from your mouth.
  3. Migraine headache — appeared out of nowhere and you need to go back to bed.
  4. Toothache — an emergency visit to the dentist has been scheduled. You don’t know if/when you’ll make it to work.
  5. Pulled a muscle in your back — on painkillers & the doctor has ordered you to lay in bed.
  6. Child is sick — kid has the sniffles and isn’t allowed in daycare.
  7. Dog ate your socks — or whatever, and you need to get to the vet ASAP.
  8. Water heater is broken — you’re waiting for the repair guy and you can’t take a shower.
  9. You have the flu from your flu shot — it’s a little late for this excuse, but you had a late flu shot on the recommendation of your doctor and now you feel sick.
  10. Your car overheated/won’t start/leaked oil — and you’re on your way to the repair shop.

(Thanks to UK Neil for the link!)

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