The Week Ahead: February 18, 2013


English: The poet Seamus Heaney, taken when he...Happy Sunday, yo. Did you have a great week? Accomplish anything new? Get a new job?

Here is my update.

  • Remember how I killed my novel on feminism, coal miners and abortion set in 1960s Appalachia?
  • And remember how I stopped writing my book of short stories that highlight love, alcoholism and political unrest in Prague?

Well, I really wanted to write a screenplay about a Chief Marine Veterinarian at an aquarium but my week got busy. And oh yeah my husband gave me a stupid cold.

So I’m starting fresh. I am now writing 100 Essential Modern Poems About Work, with an attempt to capture the voices of W. H. Auden, Rita Dove, Sharon Olds, Paul Muldoon and Adrienne Rich. I might dabble with Seamus Heaney and Ogden Nash if I get crazy.

But I’m warning you in advance that I might fail. I have a friend in town on Monday. On Wednesday, I am speaking at Ignite. Then I have to catch a flight to Harvard (humblebrag) and speak at a conference on Saturday. On Sunday, I’m hustling up the John Hancock building. (Have you donated?)

Busy week. What’s on your agenda?!

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