2008 in Review: No Thanks


This is how it’s going down, yo.

  • I’m not writing a 2008 year-in-review post
  • and I’m not going to list my most popular articles on HR issues.

The unfortunate thing about Human Resources is that the status quo prevails. The posts I’ve written in 2008 could have been written in 1998. Technology changes, management theories come & go, but corporations still treat labor as a brokered and manipulated commodity.

Until we stop using arbitrary and inaccurate tools to measure the effectiveness of our employees, and until we start recognizing the true importance and value of labor, Human Resources will continue to mire itself in the trivial issues of Corporate America.

I spent this year establishing myself as a voice of dissent. Human Resources is broken, your job sucks, and the company is really out to get you. I hope that my writing takes a step forward in 2009 and I can better communicate how you, as a Human Resources practitioner, can fix this mess.


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