2010 Failures


Today’s post is about failure, which is different than regret. (Regret is tomorrow.)

Failure is all about doin it wrong — and good lord, I did it wrong in 2010.

  1. I failed at monetizing my old blog. I sold Punk Rock HR but the money wasn’t really great — and it certainly wasn’t worth the hassle. It’s good to be done with the brand, but in retrospect, I did that whole deal wrong.
  2. I failed at writing a book. I don’t lack resources, champions, and opportunity. I lack focus, discipline, and good ideas. I need to fix this in 2011.
  3. I failed at running a consulting company. I discovered that social media/HR consulting is a lot of work for a very low return on investment. That’s most work, by the way. I tried a few things and none of it was very compelling or profitable. It’s an interesting lesson in what sounds awesome on paper versus what makes money. More on this in 2011.
  4. I failed at following through. I still owe GL Hoffman a post on goals. I still owe Jenny DeVaughn and Trish McFarlane a phone call. Sometimes I suck at meeting commitments.
  5. I failed at defining boundaries. I really tried to create boundaries and define my online life versus real life. In the end, I was left to blog about it. That’s the ultimate sign of failure.
  6. I failed at not cutting my hair. I said I wouldn’t cut my hair in 2010 and I cut it four times. I’m annoyed with my constant body dysmorphia, my narcissism, and my vanity.

My failures are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. I didn’t start the cholera epidemic in Haiti. I didn’t (directly) mistreat pigs in a quest for cheaper bacon. I failed in small ways, but I hope to do better in the upcoming year. More importantly, I hope to have more professional ‘wins’ in 2011.

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