2011 Failures: #2


I’m not someone who is addicted to many drugs. I take allergy medication and a pill for my Rosacea. When I’m feeling crazy, I take an ibuprofen. But I do have a prescription for Ambien and it’s my 100% required drug for international travel.

A few months ago, I went to Manchester. I had a few nights in London, too. It was fun. I was able to see friends and colleagues. Really enjoyed my time at The Mint Hotel. I recommend it.

I needed to catch up on sleep and popped an Ambien. That’s when the trouble began because I started Facebooking on sleeping medication. That’s right. I traveled to London, took an Ambien to fall asleep, and I still managed to facebook (as a verb) even though I turned off my computer before falling asleep.

It was a train wreck.

First up? I told a male friend that I was tracking his period. He sent me a private note and said, “I have something to tell you when I see you.”

I wrote on his public wall — are you pregnant?

He wrote back — how did you guess?


Nice, right? Classy. True colors shine on zolpidem.

Then I sent a message to another friend out of the blue. I wrote, “I know your secret. You are vaguely Asian.”

What?! Holy crap, how can someone be vaguely Asian? And why do I sound racist on sleeping pills? Thank god this message was private.

So, uh, I am not exactly sure what happened. I didn’t mix alcohol with Ambien — although maybe I should. I will say that I really regret those couple of nights and I see my inability to stop Facebooking while on sleeping pills as one of my top failures of the year.

Obviously I’m weird and obsessed, huh?

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