2012 Regrets


Jack-Kerouac-1I always end the year by writing about my accomplishments, failure, regrets, and resolutions.

Today’s post is about regret.

  • I really regret drinking in 2012.

I am not an alcoholic, but I was on the road for 40 weeks in 2012. And I come from a family where functional alcoholism looks like fun until the age of 45. Plus I’m a fool and a narcissist, so the odds aren’t fabulous for me.

I am not a lame HR technology company: I don’t need big data to spot an obvious trend.

I have started to make some changes.

  1. I am hanging out and working with fewer people who drink excessively.
  2. I am eating better and exercising more, which helps motivate me to skip the fruity drinks and empty calories.
  3. I am drinking for the right reasons that include good wine, good company and good conversation.
  4. I am trying to practice the art of moderation.

And if I get tipsy, which still happens even when I am trying to be relatively restrained, I try to remember that I am an adult who generally makes good choices. Being drunk can be fun without being heavy or depressing.

But I do regret drinking at HR Tech.

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