3 Things You Absolutely Need On Your Resume


Most companies don’t have recruiters. They have an owner. Maybe an operations guy. Probably someone who does billing. Some companies are lucky to have a combination role that includes personnel.

You won’t get the attention of anyone at any company by simply sending in a resume [via email, USPS, carrier pigeon] and hoping to be considered. But you are not listening to me. You never listen. You will send that resume, anyway.

So if you’re gonna send in a resume despite my solid advice, you need three basic things in order to pass the smell test.

  1. Correct contact information. Not just your name, email address and mobile number. I need to see a street address. If you don’t include your address, I actually think — he’s not including his address because he lives too far away and wants relo money. Maybe I am paying relo money and maybe I’m not. Maybe you want relo money or maybe you don’t. Why don’t you clarify your living situation in a cover letter?
  2. A summary of qualifications. That’s your pitch. Right there. I don’t want to hear your goals. Your dreams. Your aspirations. Tell me who you are and what you do. Use keywords that are recognizable and be honest.
  3. A chronological list that includes company names, your title and dates of employment. Get those things right. Yes, of course, give me a couple of simple bullet points that summarize what you did and what you accomplished. Everything else is overkill. If you pass the smell test, I will call you.

People always ask me — how long should my resume be?

I ask — are you Jesus? Are you Gandhi?

Give me two pages or give me death.

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