5 Ways To Get A Job


I’m going to throw up if I read another Top 5 Tips to Help You Get a Job article.

Most authors and pundits fail to concede that the job market is smaller, there are fewer opportunities out there, and you probably won’t get a job from following career tips on the internet.

That being said, here are my five tips that I’ve blogged about over the past two years.

  1. Have a skill and be good at it. This includes typing, answering phones, bussing tables, folding jeans, and stocking shelves. If you can produce a solution for a problem in the marketplace, you can get a job.
  2. Don’t be picky. You think you’re too good to work at Burger King? You’re wrong.
  3. Don’t be needy. Desperate people do desperate things, and I would never hire someone who needs the job more than I need to fill an opening. If you feel needy, address it. Talk to a counselor, volunteer your time, or get some perspective by spending time with needier people. Then apply for a job.
  4. Don’t be stupid. If you lack a high school diploma, get your GED. If you want your bachelor’s degree but wonder how you’ll find the time, go to school online. Do you dislike the idea of college? Go to trade school. The world will always need plumbers and electricians.
  5. Don’t be greedy. I know you used to make $100,000. Right now, you make no dollars. I’m not very good at math, but some money is better than no money. Don’t disqualify yourself from an opportunity just because it pays less than you’re used to earning.

Nearly everyone who reads this blog is either unemployed or underemployed. I wonder why you’re not on CNN or The Today Show talking about tips and tricks to get a job? What’s stopping you?

Here’s your chance. What tips and tricks would you add to my list? What’s the dumbest job advice you’ve heard? Are there career advisors out there who make you want to barf?

Now’s the time to cash in on fame & glory. Tell us how to get a job.

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