6 Steps to Getting a Raise


Everyone wants to know how to get a raise.

  1. Don’t ask at the wrong time. If your company has an annual review process, ask then. If you don’t have an annual review process, try to sync your request with your hire date.
  2. Have the right kind of data. How have you made the company money? How have you saved the organization money? How are you measurably better than some schmuck off the street? Those points matter. You know what doesn’t matter? Salary data from the internet. Nobody cares.
  3. Ask nicely. HR doesn’t negotiate with terrorists or people who are threatening to leave.
  4. Advocate on behalf of other people. Labor costs aren’t fixed even when we say they are fixed. If you see someone who is working hard and isn’t earning a fair wage, say something. Equal pay for equal work benefits everyone in the long run.
  5. Make it hard for them to say no. Be an awesome human being. Have good ideas. Be genuine and helpful. And in a separate conversation that has nothing to do with your raise, provide your leaders with clear ways to save cash and build the business. Ingenuity goes a long way.
  6. Ask the right person. More than likely, your boss cannot give you a raise. It has to go through an approval process. Even though you’re asking your boss for a raise, try to remember that you are really asking the CEO. Figure out what motivates him to say yes.

I still think the best way to get a raise is to quit your job. Unfortunately, it’s easier to quit a job (and avoid internal politics) and bump your salary 10% than stay and fight.

Who has time in life to fight?

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