A Conversation: Recruiters and Job Seekers


I am interested in the conversations between job seekers and corporate recruiters. If you have something to add, I’d love to hear it.

In my experience, these are things recruiters wish job seekers would know.

  1. We have one job. You are competing against thousands of other applicants. It’s not our fault the economy sucks.
  2. Your resume is in our system with 5,000 other resumes. If you want to differentiate yourself, don’t just submit a resume into a career website and expect to be called. People get hired through career websites, yes, but they get hired through a whole host of mechanisms including employee referrals. Go find someone at my company to help you make your case.
  3. You are awesome, huh? Guess what? You’re maybe not as awesome as you think you are. Sorry.
  4. We know our hiring process sucks. Hiring someone in America has never been easy. When someone perfects the hiring process, that person will be wealthier than Bill Gates.

Here are things job seekers wish recruiters would know.

  1. You owe me a phone call. I know you think you can’t call every applicant or interviewee with a status update. Maybe you can’t, but you can hire someone — a temp, a summer intern, an assistant — who can. It’s the least you can do for people who express an interest in your company.
  2. Your slow hiring process is offensive and un-American. Unemployment is at a record high. Make a decision. Be respectful.
  3. I know my value in the marketplace. Don’t even try to lowball me.
  4. Your actions as a recruiter are tied to the corporate brand. When you treat me like a widget instead of a human being, I’m going to tell everyone. I have access to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I can text and tweet and post a status update about my experience. You’ve been warned.

Does that about sum it up? What am I missing?

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