Addendum: New York City iMix


I am making lovely iMixes for each business-related trip because some readers are now suggesting songs.

“You’re in New York City. Check out this band.”

This is exactly why I blog. Unfortunately, the challenge is that I have to use songs that I purchased through iTunes. Also, if I hear a song at an airport 2x, I’m using it. I am taking this as a sign.

Just a few more things.

  • I am picking one Smiths/Morrissey song for each mix. I’m sorry. It is required.
  • Most songs just have a line or something random that reminds me of a moment. For example, the best song that reminds me of the NYC train/subway system is Kundalini Express. I know, I know. My mind is jacked up.
  • Is there hidden meaning behind the mixtape? Sorta. Maybe. I don’t know. Isn’t that the joy and sorrow of looking through a musical list? You never know what the creator wants you to think and feel, and I am not sure it matters. It is up to you to derive meaning from the songs. All great art requires observation, reaction, and reaction. Rinse and repeat. Do it again.
  • Know this: I am no longer 14 and I can’t make a mix tape that drips with sentiment, irony, or existential heartbreak. I never could, actually.

Enjoy. Or don’t. I don’t care.

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