Addiction & Recruiting: Is There A Link?


I was mulling over a post about addiction and corporate/third-party recruiters. Instead of throwing my opinions on you, I wonder what you think.

  1. Do recruiters have a high rate of addiction and substance abuse?
  2. Is there something inherent to recruiting that might attract people who are prone to misuse drugs & alcohol?
  3. Have you ever stopped working with a recruiter who is addicted to drugs or alcohol?

I won’t be shy.

  • I’ve seen my fair share of recruiters who abuse alcohol & drugs — more so than benefits specialists and payroll clerks.
  • I have stopped working and socializing with recruiters & vendors who have serious problems.
  • I think that so many recruiters wear their hearts and their egos on their sleeves, and I don’t know if it’s the profession that drives people to drink (so to speak) or if drinkers are drawn to the profession.

What do you think?

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