AIG and HR Solutions


I worked for Kemper Insurance, several years ago, and many of my HR colleagues were former AIG employees. Some of them worked directly with Hank Greenberg. I remember one conversation where a colleague of mine ended a story about AIG by saying, “Hank Greenberg is the devil.”

I said, “Yeah, that’s great. Who the hell is Hank Greenberg?”

Those were the days when ignorance was bliss. Now things are so bad that I’m talking about credit default swaps and the downfall of AIG with a little bit of credibility. These are scary times, yo, and I wonder if HR has the solution to some of these problems?

  • What’s the role of HR in this new climate of compliance and federal regulation?
  • When will HR start paving the way for more thoughtful compensation programs? (Was HR in the room when the decision was made to offer lucrative and binding compensation agreements to executives and derivatives traders without a link to specific performance metrics? How do we prevent this from happening again?)
  • Can HR help a company grow in a smarter way? Can we prevent a company from getting too big to fail?

I’m sick of seeing Barney Frank and John Boehner on television. Someone get an economist/HR professional up on TV —

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