We Deserve AIG


After twenty-four hours of nonstop coverage on cable news channels, I have come to one conclusion: Americans are unbelievably stupid.

Yes, AIG failed on a grand scale. Yes, those ‘retention’ bonuses are nonsense. Yes, the Treasury Department is complicit in this mess.

I want Americans to stop looking for one person or entity to blame — Chris Dodd, Ed Liddy, Tim Geithner, Congress — and start looking at ourselves. We’ve defunded educational institutions in America to the point where very few of us have basic math skills. Most of us lack the ability to comprehend simple arithmetic. Very few of us have common sense.

We are an uneducated, stupid, slow-witted electorate. We chase the short term — and we dream of getting rich quickly without doing any real work.

In the end, humans always get what we deserve. Right now, I think we deserve this AIG mess. I hope we learn from it.

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