Ali Velshi, Facebook & The Whopper


Several weeks ago, I ‘de-friended’ a buttload of famous people on Facebook. I did it for a Whopper.

Call me a shameless hussy, but I’ll do anything for a free burger. Right around that time, I read Kate Harding’s piece over at Broadsheet about the loose concept of friendship in the online world. She had me at Whoppers. Kate and I are actual friends who know one another in real life — which is an oddity in the online world — so I suggest you check out her thoughtful piece on the meaning of friendship and burgers.

Meanwhile, here is my homage to The Whopper and Ali Velshi. [NSFW due to profanity — duh.]


I blogged about him, last year, and he was kind enough to accept my constructive criticism along with my friend request on Facebook. When I dropped him for a Whopper, he was kind enough to take me back. I have pending re-friend request in with Dan Schwabel and Chris Brogan. Sorry, dudes. My bad. I like you, but I love The Whopper.

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