American Health Care, Earthquakes, and MissRFTC on Twitter


I have little faith in humanity, but I’m constantly amazed by all the good things in life that emerge from personal tragedies and chaos.

During the recent earthquake in California, doctors & nurses were called upon to assist with injuries and personal emergencies. MissRFTC wrote this on Twitter about her experiences with the American health care system during the earthquake in Southern California.

  • I am totally serious. My Ob/Gyn was IN my vagina and an earthquake started rattling the room!

Dudes, American health care is the best in the world…

…and oh yeah, an internet star is born.

I don’t know if MissRFTC’s vagina has an agent or a Human Resources director, but the vag has been on both Gawker and Defamer. What’s next? The fourth hour of The Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hota Kabhi?!

I scrolled through MissRFTC’s time line, and she is great — even without the vagquake. She seems to be taking her fifteen minutes of fame in stride with this tweet:

  • Always wanted big things for my vagina. Guess I should’ve been more specific.

There are those of who are out there, writing blogs, and trying too hard. (Yes, that would be me.) Then there is MissRFTC who is awesome and benefitting from the synchronicity of the universe. I hope she gets a book deal out of this.

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