An Extra Day: How Will You Waste It?


This year, we have a gift.

There is an extra day on the calendar to waste on boring meetings, stupid arguments with coworkers, and intellectually vapid conversations.

This year, I will waste the day by prepping for webinars and speaking gigs. I will have a few calls with my coworkers. I will scoop cat litter and watch TV.

That’s life, right? I don’t need an extra day in February. I need an extra day in June when the weather is perfect and my garden needs some work. I need an extra day in August when I’m on vacation and time is running out. And I need an extra day in October when the weather is just right and it’s time to pick some apples.

Leap year is always so disappointing. An extra day in February — especially one that falls on a Wednesday — really sucks.

How will you waste today?

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