Anderson Cooper & Kathy Griffin: Best TV in 2008 (So Far)


Happy 2008, Suckers!

Did anyone catch Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin from Times Square? Oh my god, it was amazing television and brilliant casting. Someone knows talent management at CNN.

Kathy and Anderson, whom Kathy lovingly referred to as “Andy,” went back & forth with competitive one-liners and vaudevillian zingers. What can I say? The pairing worked, yo. The couple reminds me of George & Gracie, possibly Fred & Ethel, only a little gayer (and I’m talking about the live commentary about drag queens and Key West — not Anderson Cooper himself).

One of the best parts of the night came when Kathy gave a HUGE eye-roll to the stupid i-Reports, hosted by CNN morning anchor Kiran Chetry. Kathy asked what America was asking: just how many camera phone pictures can you show from Ohio and Pennsylvania without exhausting that genre?

In a nutshell, CNN did a great job with the Times Square celebration. Kathy was well behaved (but on fire) when she took shots at Lou Dobbs and Wolf Blitzer, and then went on to discuss Mexican immigrants and water-boarding members of the Bush administration. There was a guy from the crowd who told CNN reporter Erica Hill that he resolves to read the bible on a daily basis (which I hope wasn’t lost on Kathy), and there was a great discussion about the role of Chuck Norris in a Huckabee administration.

It was awesome television. I hope you caught it.

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