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I’m Angela Risner, a seasoned trainer with fifteen years of experience.   I absolutely love what I do and I’m eager to share my experiences as a trainer.

I was “thrown into training” in my first job after graduating from college.  I never saw myself as a teacher; however, others felt that I was good at explaining things.

I performed the function of trainer in addition to my regular positions at two different companies for 6 years, and then officially was given the title of Training and Quality Manager in 2001.  I had formal education in training – I was a subject-matter expert who happened to relate well to people.

During my years as a trainer, I have developed expertise in the following areas:

  • Needs assessment:  I interview all of the players in order to see what is necessary.  I am then able to determine the most effective method of delivery of training.
  • Instructional design and implementation:  I have designed programs for both interpersonal skills training and computer application training.
  • Delivery of materials via classroom and webinar: I have conducted instructor-led training for every level of employment and management.  I am comfortable in front of hundreds or in front of two.
  • E-learning tools for self-study:  Efficient use of time for compliance and policy training, this assists the employee by providing a resource.
  • Leadership development: I have developed an in-house training program for managers and supervisors to give them the tools to lead their employees to success.
  • Change management:  As with most companies and especially in retail, change is the one constant.  How it is addressed with employees and management determines the success of the company.

I have been professionally trained in MS Excel, NetMeeting, Outlook, PowerPoint, Visio, and Word.  I am also comfortable with DOS-based and Windows-based proprietary systems.

In addition to my undergrad degree, I have completed 65 hours of law school.  This gives me a unique combination of skills.

Here is what others have said about me:

“Angela is a creative and energetic trainer. She has a natural ability to put participants at ease and get them involved in the learning process. Angela is also calm under pressure and able to rise to any challenge. She has the ability to tackle multiple projects quickly and effortlessly and is always willing to lend a helping hand to others. I have worked with Angela for the past 14 months and truly appreciate her commitment to being a highly producing team player. She takes pride in both the quality of her work as an individual, as well as the quality of service the team provides as a whole.” December 18, 2008

Dawn Miles , Corporate Trainer , Weltman, Weinberg & Reis — worked directly with Angela at Weltman, Weinberg & Reis

“Angela is an essential member of her team as well as the firm. She is one of the most creative and knowledgeable individuals I know. Angela has excellent oral and written communication skills and is extremely organized, which she effectively conveys in her training classes. Her personable demeanor and demonstrated expertise make working with her a genuine pleasure.” December 18, 2008

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