Angry men get ahead while angry women penalized: study


I think the title of the Reuters article sums up the story, but there’s an interesting quote that I want to share:

…findings revealed a “difficult paradox” for professional women — while anger can serve as a powerful tool to achieve status at work, women may have to behave calmly in order to be seen as rational.

One way to break the difficult paradox of ‘subjective rationality’ is to recognize the paradox and fight like hell to fix it. If you’re a woman and you have the words Director or VP in your title, this study gives you yet another compelling reason to mentor a young woman while also fighting the good fight with the Company’s executives.

Unfortunately, the last thing most boomer women want in the workforce is more trouble. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard women say, “We fought this battle. It’s someone else’s turn.”

I have some sympathy for boomer women who have fought for years to get where they are, but I also believe that boomer women hold too many of these tips & secrets too close to the vest. Let me say — I know you didn’t ask for this battle, and I know you talk about retiring to a house on the beach and possibly starting a second career as a teacher. Very simply, I think the best legacy you can leave (if you ever leave) is a rich and populated pipeline of talented women.

Please start developing women to do your job — and do it better — and start pushing an agenda of change in the boardrooms of America.

Angry men get ahead while angry women penalized: study | Reuters

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