Animals and Human Resources


When you read this, it will most likely be Tuesday morning. You will have 100 email messages to read, fourteen voice mails to return, and a few frantic people who want to schedule appointments with you. You will look at your Dilbert daily calendar and wonder how your life got this way — the meetings, the stupid conference calls about pay stubs, and the employee who can’t figure out his rights under FMLA and insists on talking to you about it for the fifth time.

Tuesdays really suck, don’t they?

My advice? Forget about it!

Why don’t you grab a cup of coffee and travel with me to a special world — a world where the sky is blue, the weather is nice, and the minimum balance on your credit card is never due. It’s the world where animals and human resources intersect on the interwebs to form blissful and wonderful images!!

It’s an awesome world, Suckers. Join me?

This isn’t related to HR, but it’s Tuesday and I think you need a wombat hat for our magical, fairy-tale world.

REVISED: Why argue about NAFTA’s impact on American wages when you can argue about whether or not a donkey can be arrested and jailed for assault & battery? Aw shucks, donkeys are cute. Can’t someone get him a job so he can get outta jail?

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