Another Snow Day?


The kids better have school tomorrow.

By “the kids,” I mean your kids. I don’t care if the weather sucks. Your kids are annoying and I’m sick of seeing them during the day when I’m unemployed. Also, you’re falling behind at work and you can’t take another day off. The boss is angry and the Parker Account (or whatever stupid project you’re working on) is at risk.

Take your kids to your mother’s house. Drop them off at the $10/hr instant daycare center. You’re a taxpayer, so demand that the schools stay open!

For the love of god, I don’t want to see you & your kids at Starbucks on Monday morning. You have no business allowing your kids to drink frappuccinos. With all that caffeine, those kids of yours are spazzes. They run rampant around the store and clog up the wifi on the Yu-Gi-Oh! website.

Some of us are busy, yo!

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