April Job Data


Does the economy feel like it’s improving to you? Have you found a job? Is your company hiring? Are you a recruiter with an increasingly high load of requisitions?

My friends at LinkUp send a monthly jobs report and it always saps the wind out of my sails. Here’s the good news.

The Conference Board has reported an increase of 222,000 in online job demand, while ADP reported an increase of 32,000 private sector jobs in April. Intuit reported that small businesses added 66,000 jobs last month, while Wanted Technologies is predicting an increasing of 220,000 jobs in Friday’s jobs report.

That sounds okay, but they also have some bad news.

Data from LinkUp paint a very different picture of the job market. LinkUp, a job search engine that indexes only jobs found on over 22,000 company websites around the country, reports that new job listings on company websites dropped by 27,474 (-6%), while total job openings published on company websites fell by 60,567 (-7%). Equally as alarming, 32 states (and Puerto Rico) showed declines in new job listings, while 33 (as well as both Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico) showed a drop in total job listings.

Shoot. That’s depressing. You can see the report here if you want to dig deeper — but I want to know how you feel. Do you feel secure? Is the economy is improving? Are you a Debbie Downer like me?

You are the experts on work. You tell me what’s going on out there.

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