Expand Your HR Network: George LaRocque & Arbita


Most of you know that I don’t make any money as a HR/business writer. In fact, there is probably some kind of math equation (if I knew anything about math) that would confirm the obvious: I am losing money. It’s okay, though. I am following my passion and working hard to establish my network. I hope that one day, in the not-too-distant future, I will reach a wider audience and communicate common-sense ideas about Corporate America.

Work doesn’t have to suck so hard. I want to make it better. That’s my goal.

As often as I can, I want to introduce to awesome people. Today I want you to connect with George LaRocque. George is the kind of guy I adore: one who doesn’t want or need anything from me. He introduced himself, last year, and he has offered nothing but his genuine encouragement. We talk about our families, we talk about Corporate America, and he helps me to stay connected and learn a little more about recruiting software and technology. George has a cat, too. (Bonus points in my book.)

If you’re an Human Resources professional or recruiter — or a job seeker looking for a good connection — you need to do the following:

A warning: it’s not just about adding friends on LinkedIn and Twittter. It’s about improving the quality the people you know. Trust me. George is someone you want in your network.

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