Baby Boomers, It’s Over.


I didn’t want to jump on the Yahoo bandwagon, this week, but I think there’s one lesson everyone can learn from the news that Marissa Mayer has accepted the role as CEO.

Baby Boomers, it’s over.

You had your time. You gave us hippies and Pink Floyd. Then you gave us Gordon Gekko. You bought Hawaiian islands and created foreign-structured entities in the Cayman Islands. Then you padded your IRAs even though most Americans can’t do that. You told us that casino capitalism and debt is okay for businesses but not people. And you swore at your employees but asked your regular workers to behave in respectful, inclusive ways.

You raised your kids in an era where ketchup was a vegetable. Now that some of those kids are older and fatter and having their own fat babies who never eat vegetables, you invest in the growing obesity epidemic.

But the joke is on you because you’re getting older.

And we are starting to take over.

Even pregnant and under the age of 40, we’ll probably do a better job. Yes, you gave us the iPhone. You also gave us underpaid Taiwanese slave labor. I’m not sure who wins in that trade. Oh yeah, it’s Steve Jobs. And not the hero Steve Jobs, either. Dude was an inspirational tyrant.

So we’ll take over and do a better job. That’s how it works. One generation does its best. Then another generation comes along and does better. It’s the American dream.

And one day, Marissa Mayer and her cohort will look like chumps when a new crop of Linksters takes over.

But until that day happens, can we all just take a second and say goodbye to a generation of leaders that gave us trickle-down economics, the Thighmaster and the never-achieved Bush dream of 4% growth?

Bye bye, suckers!

America will always be that bright city on a hill. Except now we’re younger, female and pregnant. (Side note: we’re a little browner, too.)

More of that, please.

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