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Welcome to the first Monday in 2010. For many of you, this is your first day back to work in weeks. I wonder how you are feeling. Did you approach this day with dread? Are you sick of your family and kids? Were you excited to get back to work? What’s on your mind, today?

There’s a large unemployed faction that reads my blog, too. Like a gang. In pajamas and robes. Anyone out there excited about 2010? Anyone optimistic? I really want to hear from you, today. I know you’ve updated your LinkedIn profile and you’re out there on job boards like LinkUp. You’re schmoozing like crazy. You are considering walking away from your home and relocating to a better town. I feel for you. What’s on your mind, today? What’s the one thing you’re sick of reading on career websites?

Not that you asked, but I’m sick of talking about networking. I’m putting that on a list of things I won’t talk about in 2010. You know what else is on that list? Employment branding and social media in Human Resources. I’m done with it. If I have to talk about HR adopting social media tools and breaking down the company’s firewall so that employees can access Facebook, the shit. will. hit. the. fan.

There you go. That’s a promise. Happy 2010.

[*I don’t like this song but it’s in my head. Now it’s in yours. You can thank me later.]

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