Bad Behavior in Youth Linked to Career Problems Later


I was totally convinced that bad behavior in children was linked to career problems until I read this:

Persistent behavior problems in eight-year-olds are powerful predictors of educational attainment and of how well people will do in middle-age, according to the second study’s leader, Rowell Huesmann at the Center for the Analyses of Pathways from Childhood to Adulthood (CAPCA) at the University of Michigan.

“Socialization of disruptive preschoolers by teachers and peers may ensure that a child’s behavioral problems do not affect his or her educational achievement,” Huesmann said. “Attending class, spending time with classmates, observing the rewards of proper behavior, and being told, ‘No,’ to correct disruptive behavior can benefit unruly children.”

I’m not sure that I have ever met an eight-year-old who didn’t have persistent behavioral problems. I thought that bad behaviors were part of being eight, learning life’s lessons, and being a spaz. Show me an eight-year-old with good manners & common sense and I’ll show you a future serial killer.

I will say that most employees who act like children do share one thing in common — a third-grade mentality. I have found that people with career problems are bad at math. Maybe it’s time to break out multiplication flashcards as a part of the progressive disciplinary process?

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