Barney Bites Reporter Jon Decker


Don’t even get me started about Jon Decker and Barney. Dog bites are never the fault of the dog. It’s always stupid humans who cause the incident to occur.

  • What’s Barney doing with all those reporters? The White House is a place of work, not a dog park. Barney was probably overstimulated and confused, and this is really W’s fault for exposing Barney to the puparazzi.
  • Why is Jon Decker doing the over-the-head petting and not letting Barney sniff his hand, first? If you’re going to work with dogs, learn some dog etiquette.
  • Dog bites are serious business. Dog bites at work? Lawsuits.

My favorite replay of the video is found on YouTube. Barney has something to say about reporters!


*NSFW (sorta)

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