Be Bold, Confident and Unapologetic


All year, I’ve been telling people to be bold, confident and unapologetic. Now I’m seeing that language all over the place: blogs, books and TV.

So bizarre. What’s in the water? Well, I needed to find out.

I got digging and it turns out that I stole it from Dr. Phil who stole it from Oprah who lifted it from The Dalai Lama (minus the unapologetic part).

Dammit. Everything is a remix. There is no such thing as an original idea. We are all paying homage to someone else who is paying homage to another muse. And in the middle, we are plagiarizing one another.

But it’s still a good idea to be bold, confident an unapologetic in life. You can’t go wrong with having a goal and working hard — unless you are Hitler. But you are not Hitler. You are a normal guy who just wants to go back to school and get your MBA. Some of you want to open FroYo stores. There are a few of you who want to be nurses.

These are reasonable dreams, people.

So why not you?

And the answer is — I dunno. Maybe your parents didn’t love you enough. Maybe you feel too fat, too stupid or too ugly. But really, there are plenty of lonely, fat, stupid and ugly people who get shit done every day.

If they can do it, you should try. Come on. Give yourself a fighting chance. I believe in you.

[Video from Ignite Raleigh 4 with Hungry Kate as my sidekick.]

I’ve been blogging about work for almost a decade. And while I love most of you, I am sick of watching losers and morons make money while you feel shame about your body, your family and/or your entire life.

While you are feeling shame and wondering if someone loves you on Facebook and Twitter, chumpsters like Donald Trump and Chris Brown are stacking cheddar.

Please. For the love of God. Don’t let this continue.

It’s Monday. The week is new. Get off the internet and do one thing RIGHT NOW that is bold, confident and unapologetic. Maybe it’s something small. Maybe you should do your laundry so you can make a better impression on strangers who could hire you. Why don’t you clean out your car and get organized? Maybe it’s time to sweep that shit off your desk so you have some space to write.

Whatever. I don’t care how you do it. You just have to do it now.

I’m not sure what you are waiting for . . . . but if you need a sign from a blogger, this is it.

Don’t quit your job in a huff. Don’t go on a rampage. But be bold, confident and unapologetic. If we are here in another year — and you are reading my blog and wondering how to change your life — you will break my heart.

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