Beauty Myth: HR & Discrimination


Readers saw my tweet to Eric Peterson, Manager of Diversity & Inclusion at SHRM, where I linked to an article about beauty standards, Susan Boyle, and the way our society judges people. I decided to respond via video to the readers who asked, “Isn’t it illegal to discriminate against ugly people? Shouldn’t it be?”

It’s shitty to discriminate against ugly people and we can have a debate about the link between beauty, youth and health; however, it’s not illegal. (Sorry, dudes.)

Morality aside, Penelope Trunk wrote a great article called Quick Fixes for Image Problems that offers advice for those of us who don’t roll out of bed looking like a superstar. I roll out of bed looking like a super-dork, and while I’m okay with that ‘look’ in my personal life, I’m not rocking bedhead and pajama pants when I speak in a professional venue. Neither should you.

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