Behind the Scenes: Career Circus, Mediabistro & Punk Rock HR


Hello from my hotel room in Manhattan where I am plugging away on my mediabistro presentation. I am avoiding PowerPoint. This is no easy task for a Human Resources professional because I’ve been trained to use PowerPoint slides to keep me anchored and focused on the topic at hand.

Bad habits are hard to break, so I’m trying something new. I will just interact with the audience and talk — and I will chock up any mistakes to my own personal development. Hooray!


Furthermore, I’m dropping the subject of the presentation, which is Will Work for Money (But Happiness Desired). Unless you’re a Tibetan monk, you work for money. If you need some happiness in your life, get a dog, do yoga, or take up knitting. Go to therapy. Stop buying stuff you can’t afford.

If you happen to find a job that affords you happiness, that’s great. Good for you. Savor it.

We’ve covered how I feel about all of this — and more.


My plan is to introduce myself and share a few anecdotes and pieces of advice from contributors to this blog. Then I will answer questions from attendees. My challenge is to prepare for those questions, and I’m so thankful for your comments on my blog. All very helpful.


The world needs fewer Powerpoint slides — and we need fewer HR professionals who spout nonsense about work/life balance.

I am doing my part to save the world.

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