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Who is Benjamin McCall – Professionally…

is an HR practitioner with specializations in Change Management, Client Engagement, OD, Training and Development (I would love work in these areas again). Before entering the world of “transition” he worked for a Mechanical Contractor where he ran the Training and Learning Development function of the company. Handling professional development for the organization, Benjamin used innovative approaches and new ideas to do performance consulting, provide soft skill development, apprenticeship and professional programs to the company’s employee population across multiple regions and business units. With over 11 years of success within the private and public sector, Benjamin has a proven ability to work effectively and efficiently to help organizations and individuals improve processes, quality, and customer satisfaction. He has done this while reducing costs and increasing business efficiency.

What sets Benjamin apart from the crowd…

So what’s the big deal. You come across resume after resume. While you can always get people with the skill sets you need, what is it that makes me better than anyone else you might look at.

  • I hold a firm grasp and understanding that each person’s job plays a part in contributing to the up and down cycles of the business.
  • I am a person that truly believes in building relationships in order to have a greater impact on employee engagement and performance.
  • I believe that everyone is in Sales and Marketing. Bottom line, you need to build, promote and develop the programs and brand you deliver (as an individual, department or company).
  • I believe I have a great personality and style that can relate and learn from people at all levels of a company. From the glass ceiling to the shop floor.

You will find me to be a high energy facilitator, confident, and personable. The type of person on whom your company, employees and clients can rely. I have a wide breadth of experience that gives you the versatility to place me in a number of contexts with confidence.

Who is Benjamin McCall – Personally…

Benjamin is a lifelong learner and recently completed his MBA. He enjoys spending time with his family, getting ready for his second season of golf, and gets involved in community associations and charities; working with various youth groups, local schools and arts organizations. He approaches web and social media with a child-like curiosity and explores it through his website/blog.

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