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As most of you know, Laurie visited London to run a few tracks and add a little PunkRock to the conversation at #trulondon. It was a memorable trip for many reasons, not least the theft of Laurie’s purse. (I’m glad this has not put Laurie off these shores, and I hope to see her back at a #tru event soon.)

When Laurie got back on home, and what must have seemed safer shores, the obligatory follow up post of learning points appeared. I was shocked to read that the biggest one was “Recruiters hate HR, HR hate Recruiters.

Now, I’ve worked in and around recruiting for 27 years, I’ve also had plenty of HR experience and see myself as a crossbreed of both. Given my position I was shocked and a little offended, but then it got me thinking…..

Principally, I’ve trained recruiters, and fairly early on, on the first day of the first course of most of these young recruiters careers, I make the point, “Don’t talk to HR unless you really have to. Talk to the line, HR will only stop you and tie you up in red tape!”

Now I’m not an HR hater. Whenever I run an event it has a big HR element. I have become close friends with many who work in HR, as well as my own responsibilities in this area. My HR friends tell me they view recruiters in the same vein — as modern day highwaymen that need to be kept from the line at all costs. Seems the distrust is mutual, with HR as the gatekeeper that the recruiters need to beat.

Then I get to an event, or go on a radio show like HR Happy Hour, and discover that actually we share the same interests and much of the same agenda. We all want the best talent gainfully employed and to do the best we can for job seekers. We all have our value and place in the working world questioned, and by all accounts, should be writing our own obituaries.

We may have different motives, but with so much shared interest and so much to learn from a different perspective, where does the conversation start?

Be ambassadors in all you do.

Happy holidays Laurie,

Bill Boorman


Bill Boorman is something of a recruitment veteran, having worked in the industry for 27 years. Best known as @BillBoorman on twitter. Bill is a twitterholic that never sleeps and a self-confessed social media amateur.

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