Billie Joe Armstrong on Britney Spears


We love Green Day and Bille Joe Armstrong around here for so many reasons, including the fact that the band has a healthy perspective on music, culture, and Britney Spears:

People want blood. They want to see other people thrown to the lions. Watching Britney Spears was like watching a public execution. How could the people at MTV, the people around her, not know this girl was f–ked up?

It takes a Gen X icon like Billie Joe to set the world straight and say it clearly. He knows it firsthand: the business of Britney Spears is big business. There is a group of affluent, important, and influential people whose executive compensation and stock options are tied to Brit’s misfortune.

Unfortunately, Britney Spears is like your worst relative who lives on the wrong side of the tracks. You know this relative — you stopped “loaning” her money because she kept spending it on alcohol instead of formula for the baby. Don’t we all have people in our families who need tough love in order to recover from narcissistic, self-destructive tendencies?

Britney is no different. She doesn’t need rehab. She needs to be ignored, and we need to starve her handlers and the CEOs who profit from her stupid behavior. Simply, this nonsense won’t stop until we stop buying her music and stop buying into the nonsense of celebrity gossip.

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