Billy Mays & Health Insurance


I received this email message from a reader named Jackbuilt.

Hi, Laurie. I saw this commercial and I was dumbfounded and wondered if anyone else had seen this.


I am so stupefied, I have nothing to say, but thought you might — you being all punk rock and witty and all. There is something fundamentally f***ed up about Billy Mays hawking OrangeGlo, the Big City Slider Station (what the…), and OxiClean (Wikipedia has a killer list of his advertisements). It would seem there is an OxiClean/Oxycontin joke here somewhere, but I just can’t see any humor in this.

Not that you need topics — I love your blog. I just thought you would enjoy this and maybe find it interesting.

Thanks for all the great reading!

Oh. My. Gawd. Jackbuilt, you are too kind. This commercial represents 19.99 reasons why I blog about workplace issues. Something is wrong with the world if Billy Mays is hawking low-priced health insurance and Easy Off Bam!

I will say that I’m totes impressed with the successful career of Mr. Mays. He floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee all over late-night television. The guy can sell anything from a Bedazzler to Mighty Putty.


I can’t find much information on I Can (Has Cheezburger) Health Insurance Company except that it doesn’t seem to be a health care company. It’s a club and a brokerage, like AAA, that gives you discount benefits when you pay a membership fee. Do you want a discounted root canal or discounted movie tickets? I Can Benefits will give you access to both!

Are there any punk rock readers out there who have more information about I Can Benefits and its crazy business platform and marketing strategies? Give us the inside scoop, yo.


Welcome to the punk rock HR team, Jackbuilt. You are awesome and this is an excellent find!

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