Blog Action Day: Ketchup Is Not A Vegetable


I grew up in a family of women who knew how to stretch a dollar and make it last until the next dollar could be found — or earned.

I learned two lessons from that experience:

  • Stretching a dollar is smart.
  • Stretching a dollar just because you have no other options is tough.

When you stretch a dollar out of fear, it makes for sad & desperate choices.

Today is Blog Action Day, and the goal is to raise awareness of the crushing burden of poverty in America. My goal is to remind you that poverty doesn’t exist if we create an employment marketplace that is fair, competitive, and offers incentives for workers to learn & grow throughout their careers.

If we learned anything from the 80s, we should have learned that ketchup is not a vegetable. How do we make a brighter future for our children when we are boxed into short-term financial thinking due to economic forces beyond our control? When do we stop blaming our workforce for their inability to crawl out of debt and start paying our employees a living wage? When do we change our standards in America so it becomes cheaper and easier to feed our family a diverse and nutritionally complete menu of foods rather than a steady diet of McDonalds and other cheap food-chemicals?

I don’t pretend that my participation in Blog Action Day will help to defeat poverty in America, but my distaste for our government’s inaction against poverty will be recorded forever in Google’s cache. I want to document my unwillingness to tolerate the soft bigotry of low expectations that have been set for our political & corporate leaders in America.

Want to end poverty in America? Work to create a culture of innovation so we can compete in the global marketplace with our products and services. Rethink your relationship with trade unions and chambers of commerce. Pay your workers a competitive wage and build incentives so your employees will be motivated to learn & grow. Become a shareholder activist in large corporations and create a culture of accountability within American companies.

If all else fails, vote on November 4th. Change the world and end poverty at the ballot box.

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