Blog Advocacy Versus Attacking


I spoke at BlogPaws, last week, and urged all aspiring bloggers to walk a fine line between advocacy and attacking. There are myriad examples of the difference between advocacy and attacking but the one I love to talk about is Nick Corcodilos.

Nick is a recruiter, writer and a very smart guy. He has been very kind to me throughout the years. And he hates The Ladders. I have a ton of issues with the business model, too, but Nick is a very strong writer and isn’t shy about sharing his thoughts.

Visit his blog and search for his posts.

And this style works for Nick; however, if you are reading my blog and wondering how to make money from a website, I will tell you that Nick uses his blog to share ideas and build a brand. He owns his own business and has a wholly differentiated voice in the marketplace. He isn’t motivated to build relationships with marketing firms and monetize his blog with display advertising.

So he can burn bridges. And he can isolate other advertisers in the same target market because he doesn’t need them.

If you’ve done your financial planning and have researched your target market, Nick’s approach might work for you. If you understand your audience and you have developed your voice, Nick’s style might be something to mimic. But if you are just a regular blogger who has a passion for a specific subject and wants to monetize a blog and earn some spending money, I would stay away from being an attack dog.

Nick has earned the right to have such a strong voice because he is a subject matter expert in recruiting. He has the economic freedom and discipline to be principled and stick to his guns. Nick has spent many years thinking about his point-of-view and establishing his credibility with a loyal audience.

That’s not you. You cannot do that.

You can be an advocate for your cause. You can research an area and share your perspective. You can keep it civil while calling out someone’s bullshit. But you can’t be aggressive like Nick. That works for very few people and probably won’t work for you.

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