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truI had the pleasure of speaking at TruLondon with my good friend “Theo.” He blogs at My Hell is Other People.

Theo is not my friend’s real name. He is an anonymous Human Resources blogger with a real job who wants to maintain his anonymity (to some extent) while participating in this crazy world of social media.

In some ways, you are a version of Theo.

You have a job. You have a life. You might have some interesting things to say — and you like Facebook and Twitter — but you don’t want your thoughts and ideas to negatively impact your employer or interfere with your primary source of income.

If you blogged (which you would never do because you’re too busy), you would stay anonymous. Why risk it?

I totally get this. And let me tell you something: you probably don’t need to blog.

I know it seems fun to have a narcissistic site dedicated to your ideas, but it’s only fun when you have readers. There is a science behind growing and expanding your readership, and the marketing activities needed to develop an audience are far more challenging than writing the damn blog itself.

If you want to blog, that’s great — but blogging is not a transactional experience. Or rather, it is a transactional experience and that’s why so many blogs fail. And when you have a real job and work for someone else, a blog becomes even more transactional. There’s too much to lose and authenticity is a risk.

Now listen, I love blogging — but if I had to worry about whether or not my words might cost me my job (or impact my team’s morale), I would skip the blog and watch more TV.

I was honored to speak with Theo. I think he is very brave to blog, and I am amazed how anyone with a full-time job in Human Resources and a real life has the energy to do what he does. If you ever want to try blogging, Theo would be a good mentor for you. But I’ll tell you something: I would recommend that you ditch your dreams of being a blogger — especially an anonymous one who wants to expose all the lies and hypocrisy in your job/company/profession — and go do something else for fun.

Trust me.

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