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The number one question I’m asked is, “How do you write every single day?”

I’m not surprised by this question. I like it because it gives me the opportunity to ask my own series of questions.

  • How do you eat breakfast every day?
  • How do you exercise?
  • How do you love your children even when they’re ugly and bratty?

I know it seems foreign, but I like to write. I send letters and I love sending texts. I am a fan of typewriters. I enjoy sending postcards. Writing is part of my DNA. I can’t shake it—just like anxiety, OCD, and being short.

Jay Dolan of The Anti-Social Media tells us How to be an Awesome Blogger. Frank Roche wrote a great blog post called 10 Tips to Better HR Writing. If you want to learn more about writing for HR or any professional website, both articles are worth reading. If you want to learn more about blogging in general, visit Copyblogger. If you want to learn more about grammar, read Strunk & White or the AP Style Book.

My writing secrets?

  • I try to write in my voice. My speaking voice.
  • I never use a 10¢ word when a 5¢ word will do.
  • I write every single day to practice my craft because I generally suck. I respond to comments. If I’m not writing for Punk Rock HR, I’m working on another writing project.
  • I never write more than a 500-word blog post unless the issue is really important.
  • I attempt to tell a story, but I don’t allow myself to get weighed down by plot or details.
  • I don’t take myself too seriously. Honestly. I cut myself some slack when I goof up.

Another thing to note: my most successful blog posts and articles about career advice and Human Resources are the ones where I don’t try to ram a thesis statement down the reader’s throat. Not everything is a teachable moment. Random stories and anecdotes are awesome, too.

Any tips and tricks of your own? I’d love to learn from other bloggers and readers out there. Writing has changed my life and changed my career. I hope you find something that gives you purpose, too.

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