BlogHer 2009: Will You Be There?


I'll Be Live and UncensoredSomeone is going to BlogHer 2009. Oh yeah, it’s me!

I attended BlogHer in 2007 with Kate Harding and we had a great time. My favorite experience? Stumbling out of Penelope Trunk‘s session, which was a total whirlwind, and stumbling upon a group of mommybloggers who were seated in a circle. All of them were breastfeeding — or at the very least, a majority of them were breastfeeding and the rest were holding babies and talking about breastfeeding.

I’m not comfortable around that weird, crunch granola vibe. My uterus cramped and my breasts ached. I wanted to yell, “Why aren’t you women using formula and bisphenol A baby bottles?”

This year, I’ll steer clear of the circle of breastmilk and I’ll spend some quality time with Average Jane and Neil Kramer.

Will you be there? Let me know!

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