BlogHer Summary: Day 1


I had a great first day at BlogHer 2007. Here are some highlights:

  1. It was muggy in Chicago, yo.
  2. I met Andrew Paradies, CEO of photrade. I gave him some horrible advice: I told him to wrap his navy blazer around his waist in an effort to both cool off and look cool. What can I say? I had a few drinks and my fashion sense was mixed up. Andrew is posting pictures of BlogHer 2007 on the photrade website, so check it out. Also, depending on my memory, he might owe me some tequila.
  3. I was spotted by the FLAVORit team after blogging about them on Ask The Blondes. They are lovely people with a cool product — check it out. Thank goodness for my Pfizer background because I was able to drop some animal health terms and flaunt the word ‘compounding.’ That’s about as technical as it gets with me. Shh! Don’t tell ’em that I am a dilettante!
  4. Kate took pictures of an impromptu panel that we conducted on Pina Coladas: The Impact of the Lake Effect Breeze on Fat Bloggers.
  5. I am enamored with Penelope Trunk and Carol Lin.
  6. I may have to sell my first child my right arm to do this, but I am going to meet Amy Sedaris on Saturday afternoon. Also, I’m excited to hear Elizabeth Edwards speak!

I’ve been busy, for reals, and I managed to squeeze in a steak dinner at Capital Grille. (Thanks, Al!) Not bad for an unemployed, subversive, Human Resources professional, right?!

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