Blowing Up HR: All Talk


I received an email from a reader who accused me of being all talk & no action when it comes to dismantling the infrastructure of Human Resources.

  • I don’t have any interest in blowing up HR.
  • I am not punk rock.
  • I am writing about HR because I am lazy, I hated my old job, and I believe in perpetuating the status quo in a thought form matrix* so I can make some money and feed my ego.

Whoa. It’s like this dude looked into my soul and discovered the real me.

I’m not interested in improving the delivery of HR services. I’m not seriously rethinking the way we treat our colleagues at work. I am absolutely not interested in changing Corporate America. I’m not punk rock. I’m a sell-out, and I want you to do my bidding so I can earn lots of money on my bloggy blog and on my HR Social Network.

This dude? The guy who wrote the note? He is very punk rock.

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