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HR pros are writing about The Paycheck Fairness Act and The Employee Free Choice Act, and I think the discussions are — for the most part — fair & interesting. I respect many of the writers out there, and I know their opinions are intelligent and well-researched.

Unfortunately, I am sensing a trend — on the blogs, on Twitter, and in general conversations — where Human Resources professionals feel the need to overcompensate for our profession’s poor reputation by criticizing the US government’s involvement in the business world. I think the Senate could introduce a piece of legislation to make chocolate the official flavor of America and some Generalist with her SPHR certification might say, “Wait a second, now. Let’s not be hasty. We should be strategic and consider the impact of the Chocolate Act. What will this do to our businesses? Does this mean more paperwork? More compliance issues?”

Here’s my advice to HR professionals out there:

I am not here to tell you whether or not you should support the Paycheck Fairness Act or the Employee Free Choice Act, although I’m sure you can tell that I support both pieces of legislation. I am just tired of coaching and mentoring HR professionals who consider themselves to be strategic thinkers and wonder why they can’t impress their clients or prove their ‘free-market-bona-fides‘ in the work environment.

Let me give it to you straight: you don’t change the world and end HR’s identity crisis by jumping all over smart and thoughtful legislation. This applies to legislation about pay equity, unions, and chocolate.

It’s time for a change, my fellow HR peeps. I’m ready.

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