Breaking HR News!


Dudes, I have a ton of announcements.

1. The HR Bloggers Social Network is up and running! We have partnered with Lance Haun and HRM Today to provide content, to expand our reach into the HR blogging community, and to create a space where like-minded HR professionals can come together — without the phony constrictions of association fees & dues (ahem, SHRM). If you’re a Human Resources blogger, there’s no better place to be on the internet. We’re lucky to have the talented HR Wench, Michael VanDervort and Jon Ingham as co-administrators of the site, too.

2. Michael VanDervort created a LinkedIn community for HR Bloggers. Go there and sign up to proudly announce your affiliation with the HR Bloggers site!

3. Thanks to everyone on email and Twitter who sent props related to my new blog design. I’m lucky to have the friendship and support of Shawn Hileman, my new BFF and all around ‘communications guru‘. Shawn is a full-time employee of iFractal — which is run by Frank Roche and Sarah Chambers — and he created the template for my blog when he wasn’t busy being an iFractal rockstar! I don’t know Shawn from a hole in the wall, but here is what I’ve learned about him via the internet and two phone calls: he is brilliant, talented, and totes adorable based on his Facebook profile. Shawn bikes to work, he likes cats, and he pretends to be too young to know about South Park. (Whatevs. Suddenly I’m a geezer on my own punk rock blog.) Thank you, Shawn, for your help & support.

4. I’ll be in North Carolina on Wednesday through Friday. My plan is to put away the cynical face and wear my best soccer-mom-yoga-pants as I trudge through the RTP area and look at homes. The chances are good that I’ll be visiting a bar at the hotel, which means that I’ll be live-blogging. Hooray!

What’s up with you guys, today???

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