Brett Favre Obviously Needs The Money


I’ve been hesitant to blog about Brett Favre because

There are so many good writers who are blogging about Brett Favre’s predicament on teh internets; however, I feel compelled to wade into these waters (!sports!) because I just read that Brett Favre could get paid to stay off the field in 2008 – 2009.

For reals? Didn’t this guy retire?

In fact, he did retire — but now he has second thoughts and wants to come back to work. Join the club, buddy. We lost over 400,000 jobs in America, this year, and I’m sure there are plenty of people who feel the same way: they just want to go back to work.


I’ve spent a significant amount of time in Green Bay and I know it’s a desolate and empty place without much opportunity. I have family up there, and people work two or three jobs while still struggling to pay the bills. A full-time job at a factory and a part-time job in the service industry is the norm, not the exception.

Also, I’m unemployed — just like Brett Favre. Maybe I’m doin it wrong because The Green Bay Packers aren’t paying me to stay at home in my big mansion, shut my mouth, and watch Oprah. Then again, I’m not a former football player with a bruised ego & hurt feelings.

Here’s my message to Brett Favre:

Buddy, it’s over. You didn’t lose your job at a Wisconsin paper mill and you aren’t hurting for cash. You retired, dude. You made plenty of money whoring for Prilosec. You have a mediocre steakhouse. Move on with your life. Go fishing with your kids. Quit acting like a victim, and don’t even think about accepting a an offer not to play.

You are tarnishing your legacy and you look like a dick.

The nerve of Brett Favre. What’s next? Will he try to collect unemployment insurance?

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