We're Not Gay!

We're Not Gay!

I haven’t worked in a traditional office in over a year, and I miss certain things about life in a corporate environment.

I miss free coffee, unlimited time on the super-fast work internets, and the office bromance.

That’s right. I miss it when two dudes spend time together at work, share a brain, and communicate like a loving, tender married couple.

I love it when they finish sentences for one another.

“Remember that time when…”

[interrupts] “Oh yeah, dude, that was sweet.”

I miss it when guys giggle, play pranks, and communicate via hand signals & shit. I miss working with guys who go to lunch with one another for the sheer joy of going to lunch. They always go out for the Chinese lunch special on Tuesdays. They love the egg rolls. They celebrate the existence of Rooster Sauce.

You know these guys. They aren’t lighting the world on fire with their awesome political & leadership skills, but they are great employees and they have solid friendships at work — something that’s essential for strong productivity and positive employee morale. I know women who form close relationships with one another at work, but I don’t know many women who celebrate the sheer joy of having a friend who works in a neighboring cubicle. The guys who participate in the office bromance are in love with one another, but it’s the purest kind of love: it’s respect, admiration, and unconditional support.

They are a cohesive unit, these men who dare to bromance, and they will not be denied Chinese lunches, mid-morning breaks, or daily jaunts to Starbucks.

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