I Want You To Want Me: Punk Rock Advice from Budokan


America has officially entered a recession, and I wrote a 400 word post about hiring managers who feel that they can have the pick of the litter during economic downturns. These are managers who will purposely slow down the recruiting process in order to ensure that they’ve seen every possible candidate on the market.

  • I raged against arrogance.
  • I warned against hubris.
  • I reminded employers to uphold their end of the employment agreement and argued for a good-faith recruiting process where candidates would be given a fair shake at a job that affords an employee a decent salary and an opportunity to grow as a human being.

You can’t change Human Resources when you enable a dysfunctional talent acquisition process.

You — as the HR pro — have to stop the madness. Cut these hiring managers off at the knees by deauthorizing requisitions and taking ownership of the talent pipeline in your organization. Other departments engage in turf wars regarding parking spaces, offices, and budgets. If you’re going to play with the big boys, fight for something valuable: ownership of the company’s future.


That’s the whole post, in essence — but I deleted the first draft because the song I Want You To Want Me was in my head as I was typing. It’s Cheap Trick

…and at Budokan, no less.

That’s not very punk rock. You deserve better.


The upside? Now you’re getting a shorter post with just the highlights.

The downside? Now that song will be stuck in your head — but at least I found a cute video.

[youtube www.youtube.com

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