Burning Bridges: One Year Later


As I was leaving my former employer, many colleagues warned me against writing a punk rock HR blog. I was told to be careful & not burn any bridges.

Pshaw! Everyone knows I burned most of my bridges while employed, yo.

I kid, I kid. It’s all good — I have an excellent resume and wonderful references. I haven’t offended anyone who matters during the past year, and I’ve worked hard to maintain friendships & relationships.

That being said, I’m sending kisses & hugs to my former colleagues whom I haven’t seen in a year. (Has it been that long?) For those of you who are in town, come and celebrate my one-year-anniversary of unemployment, this weekend. I’ll be the drunk ‘townie girl’ at the Gin Blossoms concert. You may not recognize me because I won’t be discussing your severance plan benefits in a conference room; however, if you look hard enough, you’ll find me!

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