California Law Outlaws Mandatory RFID Implant


I heard a story on NPR that was a cross between HR and science fiction. Employers in California are now forbidden to force their employees to implant RFID tracking devices in their bodies.

This is awesome legislation and is exactly the kind of government that I endorse!


While researching this story, I also learned that it’s now illegal for employees in California to go on virtual vacations to Mars and become secret agents who fight against the evil administrator, Cohaagen.

I did a google search for new employment legislation, and I learned that my local Senator is involved in a scandal where he secretly funded a group of privately-employed commandos who were supplied by the CIA and tasked with rescuing downed airmen from guerillas in a Central American jungle. There’s a scandal brewing because a covert CIA whistle blower alleges that an intelligent alien hunter is hunting the private contractors for sport, killing them off one at a time.

I also heard a rumor from my local SHRM chapter that Congress is considering new legislation to take effect in 2019. The finest men in America don’t run for President. They run for their lives.

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