Canceling MySpace


My good friend and esteemed colleague, ICANHAS Linda, recently canceled her MySpace account. It’s a bold move, and at first I thought she was crazy. She sent an email message announcing the news, and I thought she would regret the decision. Canceling MySpace? For why?

Then I thought, “She’s brilliant.”

I’m totes sick of being solicited for sex and worrying that my account will be hacked by web spies operating on behalf of the Chinese government. I’m sick of band requests and event invitations for comedy festivals. Most of all, I’m sick of updating both MySpace and Facebook. It’s too much goddamn work, which is saying something coming from an unemployed HR blogger.

I’m exclusively on Facebook, which might limit my marketing outreach — but then again, I’m conceited enough to believe that I’m fully awesome without exposure on every aspect Web 2.0 and its requisite sites.

I’m on Facebook, Suckers, and if you’re cool like me, you’ll find me. Then we can be friends.


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